Grande TiVo T6

This spot, comprised of only motion graphics, playfully describes the advantages of Grande Communication’s TiVo T6 DVR cable box.

Choose Buckeye Cablesystem

This commercial for Buckeye CableSystem features an on-camera talent speaking directly to camera to create a “one-on-one” relationship with the TV viewer.

Prevention Network

Teen suicide is an epidemic. When the Prevention Network came to us with the statistics we were
floored and knew we had to create a video that could reach others with a call to action. We told
the story with respect and hope.

For more information on corporate videos like this one, contact John Yost.

RCN On Demand

This commercial was created for RCN to promote the advantages of their On Demand service. It features an on-camera spokesperson portraying an RCN customer talking to the viewer about the benefits of RCN.

Suddenlink Refer-a-Friend

This commercial was created for Suddenlink to promote their refer-a-friend campaign. The spokesperson was shot on a green screen and the customer testimonials were hired actors portraying Suddenlink customers.

Atlantic Broadband Phone for Life

This bold and colorful spot was created to promote Atlantic Broadband’s new Phone Offer for Life campaign. It is compromised entirely of motion graphics.

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